What Every Preschool Literacy Center Needs

You know your classroom needs a literacy center, but what materials does it need to have? I created this list of essential preschool literacy center (or writing center) tools and materials to help you decide what to add to yours.

What Every Literacy Center Need

This is the second post in my “What Every Preschool Classroom Needs” series! if you missed the first post,  click here to read What Every Preschool Math Center Needs.

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Letter Formation/Construction Tools

Preschool Literacy Center

Preschool literacy centers need some sort of letter formation/construction tools–like these gigantic magnetic ones! This is a wonderful hands-on way to practice building uppercase and lowercase letters.


Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Matching TOYS

Preschool literacy center - letter matching popsicles

My preschoolers LOVED these popsicle letter matching toys. And as a bonus, they doubled as dramatic play center toys when they pretended it was an ice cream truck!  They’re also great for developing fine motor skills since they have to click the two popsicles together.


Magnetic Letters

Preschool Literacy Center - letter magnets

Magnetic letters are a fun tool to keep in your literacy center. In my classroom, we had a metal shelf that the students could stick the magnets to! If you don’t have anything like that, go grab a cheap cookie sheet from Dollar Tree and have the students spell words (maybe their name?) with magnets on it.

My favorite letter magnets are the Inspired Thinking Magnetic Letters (seen above) because they include uppercase and lowercase letters, and the vowels and consonants are different colors.


Paper, Stationery, and Writing Utensils

Preschool literacy center, writing tools. Paper, stationery, and writing utensils.

Keep your literacy center stocked with writing materials like paper, pencils, various stationary, and more. Preschoolers love to pretend they work in an “office.” One year, I had a parent donate an enormous box of envelopes–the children had so much fun writing letters and pretending to mail them.

You will find that many students love to grab a piece of paper and practice writing words. Do you have a word wall? Perhaps you could challenge them to see how many words they can copy from it!


Dry Erase Boards & Markers

Preschool Literacy Center - dry erase boards

There’s just something fun about writing on a white board, isn’t there? Preschoolers love having the ability to practice writing on a dry erase board, and you can find inexpensive packs of them on Amazon, like this set of 12 (seen above.)


Fine Motor Writing Caddy

Writing Center Caddy

I’ve also always kept this dry erase caddy in my literacy/writing center. Inside the storage container, students will find dry erase markers, erasers, and fine motor tracing strips–which I switch out according to our theme.

(By the way, I have fine motor tracing strips for just about every theme imaginable in my TPT store!)

Alphabet Books

Alphabet books for your preschool literacy center. LMNO Peas is a favorite!

It’s important to keep books in ever center of your classroom (in fact, a lot of accreditations require it.) You can choose a handful of alphabet books for your preschool literacy center, and rotate them every couple of weeks. Here are some of my favorites:

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