Preschool Books for Teaching About COVID-19

It’s hard enough for adults to adjust to the “new normal” of life in the time of COVID-19. But it’s even harder for little ones to navigate these unprecedented times. (Are you tired of the phrase “unprecedented times”? Me too!)_

I found some books that can help you teach health and safety concepts to preschoolers during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Germs vs. Soap

This funny book shows the secret world of germs and how much theyabsolutely, positively do NOT like soap. Children need to learn proper handwashing skills in order to help prevent the spread of viruses, and a quirky book like Germs vs. Soap makes handwashing fun!

2. Lucy’s Mask

Lucy’s Mask is a cute book about a little girl who associates mask-wearing with superheroes. This is a great book for helping young children make sense of their emotions about wearing masks and making other changes due to the coronavirus pandemic.


3. A Little Spot Wears a Mask

Some kids might have a little trouble getting used to wearing a mask all day at school–but this is a fun story that will help them feel more comfortable with the new rules.


4. Germs Are Not for Sharing

I’ve read Hands Are Not for Hitting dozens of times, and this book is written by the same author! Germs Are Not For Sharing teaches preschoolers how to cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough, which will be really helpful in centers or classrooms that aren’t requiring masks.


5. What Are Germs?

This book helps answer the questions: what are germs? And how do they spread? This is a fun and engaging book for preschoolers, with flaps for them to lift and interact with.


6. Germs, YUK!

Read this book to teach preschoolers all about what germs are, and how to keep them away!

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