Fall Art Activity: Lego-Painted Pumpkins

Happy October! This is one of my favorite months of the year. Just gimme all the hot apple cider and teacher-y cardigans. It’s also time for my favorite preschool theme: PUMPKINS.

You know I love process art, and I’m always looking for unique tools to paint with or use as stamps! (Read about why my preschoolers don’t do “crafts” here.) We recently painted some pumpkins with LEGOS!

Fall Craft: Lego-Painted Pumpkins

Supplies Needed:

I printed the pumpkin templates on cardstock. I don’t recommend painting on regular computer paper;¬† cardstock holds up better and it’s easier to cut out the pumpkins when they’re finished.

**Update October 2020: I have added a pumpkin template freebie for you so you don’t have to go hunting for one.**

I gave the students two shades of orange to choose from by adding white paint to the orange.¬† I also provided different sizes of Legos for them to choose from. Tip: In the pictures here, you can see they’re just holding one Lego, but I recommend stacking two together. That’s what we did on Day 2 of this craft, and the children were much less likely to get paint on their fingers.

Fall craft: Lego-painted pumpkins

While they were painting, we talked about how the Legos made circles on the paper. They noticed some blocks made 4 dots, and other blocks made 8! Some of the kids used their Legos like stamps to make circles, but some of my preschoolers slid their Legos across the paper to make swirly lines. It’s so important to let them explore different methods of painting & stamping! There was no “right” way to paint with Legos.

Fall craft: Lego-painted pumpkins

These were so fun to make, and it’s such a simple fall art activity to set up! My preschoolers are already asking if we can paint with Legos again.

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