Dry Erase Caddy for the Preschool Literacy Center

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I used to really struggle with figuring out what to put in my literacy center. Paper, writing utensils… okay, then what? Over the years, I’ve figured out which literacy materials will draw my students there, and I’ve learned which tools are there favorites. For my preschoolers, both the Pre-K group and the younger threes, the dry erase tools are a classroom favorite.

This year, I decide to organize my dry erase materials by corralling them in a caddy. Children can grab it from the shelf, and pick out the marker and dry erase strips they want to use. This week, I have my monster pre-writing strips in the caddy. (I switch them out every week to keep them interested! Here’s a link to all of the pre-writing materials in my shop!)

Dry erase caddy for the preschool literacy center

I like to keep pre-writing materials available at all times, because many of my students are just learning to correctly hold a writing utensil. They can practice tracing repetitive strokes, and on the sentence strips (which you can see at the very back) they can free write on the other sides, which are blank. When they come to the literacy center and grab this caddy, they’re improving their fine motor skills and building up their hand strength. Those skills need to be in place before they can hold a pencil and write their name!

In this photo, you can see a couple of erasers for the kids to use. They work pretty well, but the dry erase strips are still pretty streaky at the end of the day… but I’ve learned a Magic Eraser does wonders! I cut them in half to make them last longer. I’ve also provided a selection of dry erase markers. I prefer Expo markers–not only because they last longer, but because they’re fat and easier for preschoolers to hold. We were also gifted these Crayola dry erase markers, which the children really like… they’re just not my favorite. I guess I’m just an Expo snob?¬†


Caddies for preschool literacy center

 These caddies are similar to the one I have, and you can get a pack of 6 of them from Amazon here.

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Dry Erase Caddy for Preschool Literacy Center. A great way to organize your dry erase materials in the literacy center.

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