Easiest Ever DIY Snow for Sensory Play

In the last week before Christmas break, my preschoolers were getting antsy… and usually when this happens, I know it’s time to pull out some kind of new sensory activity. In the spirit of Christmas, they helped me make this super simple DIY fake snow to play with.

The easiest DIY snow recipe for sensory play!

This DIY snow is literally just two ingredients:

3 cups baking soda

1/2 cup WHITE hair conditioner

I emphasize white, because when I made this the first time at home with my son, the conditioner had a yellow tint. And well, you know, no one likes yellow snow. So definitely grab some cheap white conditioner from the dollar store.

The easiest DIY snow recipe for sensory play!

My favorite thing about this DIY snow recipe is how it makes our hands so soft, and it makes them smell good, too! It’s really hard to resist joining the kids in playing with it. It’s really easy to mold into different shapes. They had fun making snowballs, snowmen, and more. Later we threw in some cookie cutters and let them make prints in the snow.

DIY snow is perfect for those winter days when it’s too cold to actually go outside!

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