Muddy Day Fun: Learning & Exploring with Mud

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When there’s a gigantic dirt pile in the yard, you just can’t ignore it. And you can’t say “no” when your kid asks to slide down it on his belly, especially after the long, drab winter we’ve spent indoors. Thank goodness for play clothes. And thank goodness we live out in the boonies where he could safely undress down to his birthday suit on the front porch before coming inside for a bath!

Muddy Day Fun |

Holden pushed trucks through the mud pile and watched them roll down the hill. He dug holes, and squished the mud between his fingers, making it a great sensory experience.

Giving children the freedom to get muddy connects them with nature, and it encourages creative thinking. Let the Children Play has a great post about the benefits of letting kids play in he mud!

Those boots have been through a lot. It just might be time to retire them. :)