A New Chapter in Our Lives

Years ago, before Every Little Adventure took off, I mostly used this blog as a place to share my thoughts about raising a child on the autism spectrum. As my son got older, I didn’t feel like it was right to put all of his business out there on the internet for all to see. And I still feel this way–however, we’re going through some big changes and I want to again start sharing some of our journey here on Every Little Adventure. 

HJ (that’s the nickname I’ll be using for my son on this blog/social media from here on out) struggles with regulating his emotions. His mental health struggles have been elevated recently and we don’t yet have any answers. In the meantime, school has become a major trigger. Again, we don’t fully understand the reason. There’s a lot more going on here that I will never publish online (because it’s not my business, it’s here) but ultimately, we decided that the hell we’re going through right now is just not worth it.

That’s why, starting on Monday, I am going to start homeschooling HJ.

Starting our homeschooling adventure

HJ is beyond relieved. When I told him the news, I could almost see the anxiety leave his body all at once. I know that this isn’t the answer to ALL of our problems, but it’s at least going to help us with one of them.

I’m excited to get started. I spent some time over the summer researching homeschooling in Indiana, but that was mostly due to COVID. I’m so thankful that the homeschooling laws in Indiana are pretty lax. We do intend to have HJ return to public school for fifth grade, so it’s important to me that he keeps up. Academically, he’s been doing great in school, so I don’t worry about that. My biggest fear is that the transition back to public school will be rough. I can’t think about that now though–we’re taking this one day at a time! 


WHat are your favorite homeschool blogs/accounts to follow?

I’m new to the homeschooling world, and I’d love your recommendations for your favorite blogs, Instagram accounts, or other resources. Feel free to leave them in the comments or DM me on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

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